November 28, 2022


Health Literacy

The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions

Health literacy affects health outcome. Higher the literacy, better the outcome.

With recent advancement of communication technologies, there are numerous medical information being circulated. Most of them are portrayed as hard truths despite not being supported by any authentic evidence. Hence, there appears to be a growing demand for credible sources of health related information tailored to the local community in Sri Lanka.


To become an authentic source of health information backed by scientific evidences.


Having an adequate understanding of basic health facts is vital to make appropriate health related decisions. The health of an individual is important to build a healthy society. Physical, mental, social and spiritual well being are essential components of health.

This website aims to address health related questions posted by the general public. Anyone can post a question through the query submission portal of this website. Once the question is carefully reviewed by a panel of experts, they will formulate an answer based on current scientific evidences. Our expert panel is well versed on Islamic principles related to health. Therefore, you may post any question related to this subject as well.

Some of the answers posted in this website are drafted considering the customs, traditions and culture of Sri Lankans. Therefore, such information should be interpreted based on this fact. We also hope that many people around the world would benefit from this website.

Knowledge is most useful when liberated and shared. We firmly believe that sharing knowledge is a form of charity and the rewards of which may extend beyond this life. This belief is the main driving force behind our project. Hence, we earnestly request our readers that if you find our site useful, please share with anyone who may benefit.

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